Peel Off UV/LED Nail Polish!

Welcome to the nail polish revolution of the year. The world’s first nail polish that lasts much longer than standard polish, doesn’t chip and doesn’t need any solvents or nail polish remover to remove it. Simply peel Striplac off when you feel like a change of colour! Yet Striplac is still a nail polish and not a film! And: once you peel it off, the naked nail underneath is healthy and undamaged.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Fast peel-off removal
  • Solvent/acetone free
  • Lasts up to 10 days
  • Cures in 60 seconds under LED – no drying time
  • Glossy finish right up to the very last day
  • Scratch-proof – no chipping
  • Protects and strengthens the natural nail
  • Easy application

Product Overview

Try Me Kit

The ideal Striplac Kit for beginners contains all the tools you need for Striplac manicures in attractive special sizes at an unbeatable price.

Starter Kit

The Striplac Starter Kit contains all products required for applying Striplac UV nail polish, including a handy UV -LED lamp for quick curing of Striplac nail polishes. Once you have this kit, you can supplement it with new colours.

Cleansing Pads

Special pads for cleaning the nails before varnishing using Striplac and for final cleaning after applying the last layer of nail polish – to give the nails a glossy shine.

Correction pen

Correction pen with cleaning tip for removing varnish spots before hardening in the LED device.

Peel Off Activator

Striplac Peeloff Activator is a gentle product that accelerates the removal process for Striplac, especially on dry nails.
Before peeling off, brush onto the edges of the nails and leave to act for 5 minutes. After peeling, wash hands before Striplac is reapplied.

Twin Coat

Base and top coat hardened under UV/LED for a long-lasting, chipresistant and intensively shiny finish with Striplac.

Nail Polish

Special nail polish that hardens immediately under UV light and can easily be removed from nails again at any time.

Striplac Tips and Tricks Video

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Step by Step


Striplac may only be applied to untreated natural nails. Please remove any colour residue from the nail surface. File natural nails into desired shape. Push back overhanging cuticles with cuticle pusher. Carefully clean surface with cleansing pads.

Step 1

  • Apply a thin coat of Twin Coat as the base coat on the nails of one hand. Do not brush on cuticles, otherwise durability is not guaranteed!
  • If, however, some polish accidentally gets onto your skin, remove this with the Striplac correction pen prior to curing in the LED device.

Step 2

  • After polishing, first put four fingers in the LED device and hold down the start button for 60 seconds. The device turns off automatically. Then repeat the process with your thumb. (With the 10/30 sec button, the freshly polished nail can be briefly cured, to avoid the nail polish running into the edges).
  • Attention: The surface remains wet after curing in the LED device – do not touch or wipe off! Immediately proceed with step 3!

Step 3

  • Choose a Striplac colour and apply a thin coat. Remove any polishing mistakes with the correction pen immediately.

Step 4

  • To harden, put four fingers in the LED device and hold down the start button for 60 seconds. Repeat process with your thumb.
  • Attention: If you prefer a stronger opacity, you can repeat polishing (Steps 3 and 4).

Step 5

  • To protect and seal the polish, apply another thin coat of Twin Coat, gently coating the nail tips. Harden for 60 seconds in the LED device.
  • Attention: The surface remains wet after curing!

Step 6

  • Finally, remove the dispersion layer with the cleansing pads – finished!
  • The results are super shiny painted nails with a hard, chipresistant surface.

Peel off / Remove

When it’s time for a colour change or when the colour has grown out too far and starts to dissolve from the edges, simply peel Striplac off from the edges. Striplac has excellent adhesion when colour is changed regularly or on dry nails. The Peel-off Activator should be used to make the peel-off process even easier: Apply Activator with the brush around the edges of the polish and leave to work for 3 - 5 minutes. Then peel Striplac off from the natural nail using the cuticle pusher.

Step by Step Video

Step by Step French Video